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Bathroom remodeling is one of the best services that you can invest in for your home. While this area of the residence is typically out of sight, you and your family use it every day. Because of this, you'll want to make sure that the bathroom is enjoyable to be in. By hiring a skilled bathroom remodeling company like Remarkable Installations, you can be confident that your home's bathroom will turn out perfect.

We offer many comprehensive services in the Atlanta area and are always dedicated to offering quality without compromise. We provide a variety of new bathtub and shower installations, complete bath conversions, efficient one day remodeling, and other comprehensive bathroom remodeling services. With our experienced team's help, you'll have wished that you invested in renovations sooner.

Trusted Bathroom Remodelers in Atlanta

Although Remarkable Installations is a relatively new company in the Atlanta area, our team has 13+ years of experience in the remodeling industry. This guarantees that you'll always receive top-tier workmanship with every project. Additionally, all of our contractors are fully licensed and insured, so there's never any concern that your remodeling project will be completed with accidents or errors.

Our biggest attribute is being a preferred provider for Home Depot. We have been rigorously vetted by this national company and are trusted for the quality of workmanship we provide in our high-quality Atlanta shower installations and bathtub installations. In our time, we have also won multiple awards for our service, proving that we put customers first. Some additional reasons to hire our company include:

  • Warranty Protection: All of our bathroom remodeling products come with a manufacturer's warranty.
  • Financing Options: We have many financing plans available to help make your installation more affordable.
  • One Day Services: We won't leave your home ripped apart for days. Nearly all of our bathroom remodeling services can be completed in less than 24 hours.

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With a respected reputation in the local Northern Georgia community, high-quality products, and a team of skilled, fully-qualified installers, Remarkable Installations should be the obvious choice of contractor for your next bathroom remodel. Get started with our friendly team and request an accurate quote from us today.

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