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Atlanta Shower Base Company

Showers can be one of the most beautiful elements of a home's bathroom. Nearly everyone in the home uses this fixture every day, so it's important that it looks great and functions without error. There are many components to a shower installation, with bases being one of the most critical.

At Remarkable Installations, we make sure that all of our customers have various shower bases available to them during their renovations. As the leading shower and bathroom remodeling company in Atlanta, you can trust us to always provide your home with exceptional craftsmanship. We're a preferred provider for Home Depot and have 13 proven years of remodeling experience for your family's peace of mind.

Top Shower Base Installers in Atlanta

No matter how extensive your Atlanta shower remodel is, you can trust that our team will have stunning options for you to choose from. The base is the cornerstone of the shower, and it's essential that it visually complements the rest of the fixture, while still providing reliable performance. Luckily, our Northern Georgia bathroom remodelers only work with the best brands in the industry like Bath Planet, BCI, and Onyx, so you can expect that your shower base replacement will last. Some key features to look for in a base include:

  • Durability: Your shower base receives the most wear and tear out of any other element in the shower. As such, it's important that it can withstand frequent use.
  • Strong Construction: Bases support all the weight of the shower and the person within it, so you'll want to make sure that yours has a sturdy feel.
  • Style: Although shower bases may seem pretty standard, there are many options available. Be sure to choose one that pairs well with the rest of the fixture.
  • Warranties: Make sure that your shower base comes with a product warranty.  At Remarkable Installations, all of our bathroom products do.

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With leading products, expert service, and a professional work ethic, you can always rely on Remarkable Installations for your Atlanta shower replacement or new base. In addition to our shower services, we provide bathtub installations, bath conversions, one day remodeling, and comprehensive bathroom remodeling. Contact us today to receive a quote on any of our work.