After the busyness of the holidays have passed, many homeowners are ready for a home improvement project. A bathroom remodel is one of the most impactful upgrades for a home, yet it can seem daunting when considering the costs. As licensed bathroom remodel contractors in North Georgia, we at Remarkable Installations want to share how you can renovate your bathroom on a budget in the new year.

Focus on One Area
When looking to Remodel a bathroom after the holidays, it's smart to narrow the scope of the project rather than trying to redo the entire bathroom at once (Calicchio et al., 2018). Pick one space like the vanity, shower or toilet area to update. This prevents costs from spiraling out of control while still achieving a refreshed look (Zilm, 2019).

Shop Savings Events
Many home stores run sales in January to boost spending during the slower winter months after the holidays. Stay tuned to local advertisements for savings on fixtures, tiles and other materials (Miller & Miller, 2017). You might be surprised by how much you save. Check craigslist and too for budget-friendly used items.

Consider DIY Labor ​
Remodeling costs are driven largely by labor fees (Bunn, 2019). As a lower-cost alternative when Remodeling a bathroom after the holidays, tackle straightforward demo or installation tasks yourself when possible. Research youtube tutorials or consult with experts for guidance on plumbing and electrical aspects. Be sure to get permits for any major structural work.

Hire Local Pros Strategically
For specialized jobs or areas requiring expertise like tiling shower walls when Remodeling a bathroom after the holidays, its smarter to hire professionals for safety and quality results (Kleiman, 2017). Get quotes from multiple local vendors during their slow season in January and February when rates may be discounted. A trustworthy company like Remarkable Installations can help maximize your dollar.

See it as an Investment, Not Just a Cost
Many view home renovations solely as an expense, but they can offer real returns. A contemporary bathroom increases your home's value and makes it more appealing to potential buyers down the road. According to the 2020 Remodeling Impact Report, an average bathroom remodel recoups nearly 80% of its investment value. Updating just makes good financial sense in the long run.

Finance It Interest-Free
If taking on a full remodel out-of-pocket still seems daunting, there are affordable ways to pay over time instead of with a large upfront cost. Remarkable Installations offers 0% APR financing through partners for 12 to 60 months on many installation projects. With minimum monthly payments, this allows you to make the upgrade without depleting savings. We also accept popular credit cards with no fees. Don't let budget hold you back from the bathroom of your dreams - we have flexible financing solutions to make it happen.

With smart planning, you don't have to wait until next year to update your bathroom. Let Remarkable Installations lend experience and ideas - we're here to help your vision come to life affordably.