Your master bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. It's somewhere you use daily for self-care, relaxation and more. So it's important to choose bath and shower options that fit your needs and lifestyle.

In this blog, we'll break down the key factors to consider when deciding on the right bathtub, shower or combination solution for your master bath remodel. Whether you go for a traditional tub, walk-in shower or soaker tub option, these tips will help you design your ideal sanctuary.

Size and Space Considerations

Your space constraints are a major deciding factor. For larger master baths, consider upgrading to an oversized, featured tub or extra-large walk-in shower. These larger 5.5-foot tubs and 6x4 showers make a big statement. They allow extra room to move while bathing or showering (1).

However, if space is limited, look at smaller soaker tubs, compact corner shower stalls or combo tub/shower units. These dual-function options save square footage without sacrificing luxury. They remain highly functional while fitting into tight areas (2).

Accessibility and Aging Needs

Think about your mobility needs now and in the future. A walk-in tub with anti-slip flooring, grab bars and seat can grow with you through all stages of life. For guests with disabilities, a curbless, roll-in shower provides easy access without steps (1).

If you have small children or share your space, choose options like bath/shower combos or smaller step-in showers for safety and convenience. Ensure any selection can meet your evolving household needs for years to come (2).

Design and Aesthetic

Consider how your choice will fit your bathroom's design style. Modern linear drains and frameless glass doors create a seamless look. Traditional freestanding soaker tubs in marble or cast iron add vintage elegance.

Tile surrounds, tub skirts, accessories and fixtures allow full customization to suit your taste. In the end, choose something you'll look forward to using every day based on beauty, functionality and personality.

I hope these tips provide a clear starting point to select the perfect master bath solution for your needs. A expert bathroom remodeler can then bring your ideal vision to life.


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