When designing a bathroom, it's easy to focus on the larger elements like tile, fixtures, and decor. However, some thoughtful accents are just as important for achieving the right atmosphere. Small touches that create warmth, texture, and comfort can make a big difference in how relaxing your bathroom feels. Here are some popular accessory ideas to consider that enhance coziness:

Fixtures and Hardware

The finish of your faucets, towel bars, and other hardware impacts the visual style and warmth of a room (1). Polished brass or bronze fixtures complement earthy tones better than harsh metals. According to Bath Planet (2), oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel pair nicely with warmer bathroom hues. Incorporating hardware with brushed or textured finishes adds warmth.

Towels and Linens

Soft, absorbent towels in natural fabrics like cotton or linen feel indulgent on skin. Consider adding plush throws or cushy window seats where one can relax post-shower (3). Succulents or candles provide spa-like touches (4). Warm accents like woven baskets or wooden shelving lend rustic charm.


Recessed LED lighting casts a bright, even glow ideal for grooming. However, dimmable overhead fixtures and wall sconces allow adjusting the vibe (5). Floor or clip lamps with inviting lampshades provide extra illumination for reading without feeling clinical.

Final Touches

Small haberdashery like soap dishes, towel hooks, and caddies avoid clutter. Decorating with framed photos, plants, or art adds personality (1). Sample scents enhance relaxation. Adjustable heated floors or towel warmers offer luxury. With thoughtful accents emphasizing comfort, any bathroom can feel like an oasis.


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